Forvest originally began as a single family office for the Wollach family in the 1950s. On the heels of the Second World War, the Wollach Family Office’s main focus was to protect its assets from unforeseen political, geographical and economic events and ensure the efficient transfer and protection of family wealth for future generations. It achieved this through inventive diversification of assets and innovative use of trust structures.
In 1982, David Wollach thrust Forvest into its second generation and established Forvest Trust, an asset management company based in Geneva, Switzerland and regulated by Swiss law. As such, Forvest Trust expanded its services to ultra high net worth clients around the world, investing, reporting and managing assets internationally through a growing network of global affiliates and correspondents.
Today, Forvest Trust enacts the mission of The Forvest Group, a family of companies which aims to simplify the complexities of wealth management and generational asset protection by consolidating a network of global financial services through one experienced, reliable and trustworthy entity: Forvest.